Cancer Wellness

Cancer Wellness

Experts are here to assist in focusing on personal health, wellness strength and life goals. We will assist in a wellness plan for your positive lifestyle improvement.

Cancer coaching supports the client in dealing with all the challenges related to living with cancer. In a recent research study 30 cancer patients participated in wellness coaching over a three-month period. Published by The International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, the results showed various improvements including decreased depression and anxiety, increased physical activity, better motivation, and healthier diet. Other studies have indicated coaches can help patients communicate better with their doctors, make better health care choices, manage transitions, and maintain better relationships with family and friends.

I will support you during your cancer journey by helping you…

  • deal with hearing your cancer diagnosis for the first time
  • accept receiving negative results from follow-up diagnostic procedures
  • celebrate positive results from follow-up diagnostic procedures
  • manage cancer treatment side effects
  • manage change; live in transition
  • learn to live with all the losses associated with cancer treatments
  • explore new options; making new choices
  • take risks for personal growth
  • make difficult decisions
  • set realistic goals for the future
  • learn to lead a healthier life style through proper nutrition, exercise, stress management
  • provide helpful tools, resources, and referrals, as needed
  • help reframe beliefs and offer different perspectives and ideas
  • Create a nurturing support system; minimize unsupportive behaviors.
  • set boundaries necessary for personal care
  • develop an attitude of gratitude
  • accept and plan for end of life

MOST OF ALL… I will help you learn to live well in your “new normal” life.

My goal is to guide you through your cancer journey by empowering you, giving you emotional support while helping you build your strength and confidence as well as develop courage to face all your challenges. I want to help you be proactive in your own health care by sharing cancer resources. I will be a listening ear, a trusted friend, an encouraging and supportive partner.

I will coach you on mindfulness based techniques to relive stress, anxiety, fear, frustration, anger, loss of relationships and depression associated with cancer.

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