Wellness Coaching

Wellness Coaching and Counseling program offers: Diet and Lifestyle changes for optimum Health and Wellness, Healthy Aging, Weight Management, Pain Management, Disease Management, Stress Management, Menopause management, Mood management, Codependency and Life Transitions.

Specifically Tailored Wellness Coaching for Clients who are diagnosed with Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Insomnia, Chronic pain and illness.


Are you ready to create new ways of living joyfully by implementing techniques that heal your body, mind and spirit?

I can help you to finally break through your barriers and soar with more energy, peace of mind, and abundance in all aspects of your life through Coaching.

Coaching Modalities: Wellness Coaching

  • Ayurvedic Consultations: Ayurvedic body type, Diet and lifestyle, Herbal recommendations to balance your doshas, Seasonal routines and cleansing methods.
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT): Reprogram negative core beliefs, put an end to self-sabotage, clear your blocks to living a vibrant life.
  • Mindfulness Based Disease Management: Reduce stress, Anxiety, Depression, Fear, Trauma, Grief and loss associated with the disease condition.
  • Other Coaching Methods Include: Motivational Interviewing, Behavioral Modification, Holistic Lifestyle and Spiritual Counseling

I believe that in order to achieve a comprehensive state of wellness, clients must devote equal attention to both internal and external aspects of personal well-being. What we eat and how much we exercise do not exist independently of our jobs, how we live and social support networks. As a Coach I work in collaboration with my clients, mentoring them toward behavior change and overall health balance in the areas of physical, emotional, spiritual and environmental health:

Physical Health includes how we nourish our bodies, strengthen our muscles and rest our minds. It incorporates physical conditions such as past injuries, chronic pain and illnesses. Problems identified in the physical space often serve as the starting point for healthy lifestyle change.

Emotional Health involves personal stress management, assessment of self-image, selfawareness, personal health beliefs and other mental barriers that may hinder behavior change. Coaches assess readiness to change in the emotional realm, work to elicit intrinsic motivators, remove barriers, promote emotional resilience, self-efficacy and confidence for successful health improvement.

Spiritual health involves your core beliefs and religious practices, prayer and meditation, connecting to a higher power and practices that bring peace and harmony, and being part of the whole.

Environmental Health encompasses all factors that exist outside the body – person, place or thing. My clients’ familial, personal, social and professional relationships play an integral role in supporting health and behavioral change. Further, the places in which we live, work and interact socially influence health perceptions, cultural norms and environmental exposure that can strongly affect health status. Lifestyle changes are most effective when supported by the immediate environment in which they are made.

My clients genuinely appreciate the client-coach relationship we establish, one that is founded in the spirit of partnership, collaboration and alliance. As a coach I don’t push my preset beliefs but engage the client at his or her state of “readiness to change” and proceed to educate, empower and promote self-efficacy. By self-determination clients are encouraged to outline their own personal health goals and the steps they feel ready to take in working toward those goals. I function as a supportive guide, source of accountability and expert resource to steer the direction of change and maximize the likelihood for success.

If you are ready to get YOUR life back on track in all areas of Mind Body and Spirit, I welcome a conversation with you. Please CONTACT ME . . .