Ayurveda Wellness

Ayurvedic Consultations:

As an Ayurvedic Practitioner will help address your health concerns, imbalances, chronic medical conditions and wellness perspective. The initial consultation of one hour includes a thorough assessment of:ayurveda-02

  • Personal health history
  • Particulars of primary concern
  • Ayurvedic assessment of pulse, tongue, face and nails
  • Your unique constitution
  • Your current imbalances
  • Your optimal diet
  • Your optimal exercise program
  • Herbal nutritional recommendations
  • Stress relief practices

Follow up consultations are half to one hour, and may make use of  journals to progress or challenge.

About Ayurveda

Please CONTACT ME for a free consultation to balance your Body, Mind And Spirit through Ayurvedic Lifestyle practices.
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