Do I have too much anxiety?

 anxietyYou may if you find yourself…

  • Constantly worrying about everything
  • Having problems sleeping due to racing thoughts
  • Feeling overwhelmed or stuck
  • Constantly anticipating worst-case scenarios
  • Experiencing flashbacks or intrusive thoughts
  • Using alcohol or self-medicating to slow your mind
  • Startling easily or having panic attacks
  • Feeling anxious about social situations
  • Having excessive muscle tension
  • Unable to relax (being told to “relax” doesn’t help does it?)

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Misconceptions about those suffering from anxiety:

  • They probably wouldn’t feel this way if they were stronger
  • The reason they feel this way is due to a bad childhood or poor upbringing
  • They really ought to stay away from what is causing them to feel anxious
  • It will resolve spontaneously
  • Only people with past trauma feel this way
  • Everyone who struggles with anxiety must have a problem with their brain
  • Their only hope is medications

Many people who struggle with this condition may feel hopeless or judged due to these misconceptions. Learn more about anxiety and related disorders here.