Ayurvedic Consultation

As an Ayurvedic Practitioner will help address your health concerns, imbalances, chronic medical conditions and wellness perspective. The initial consultation of one hour includes a thorough assessment of:ayurveda-02

  • Personal health history
  • Particulars of primary concern
  • Ayurvedic assessment of pulse, tongue, face and nails
  • Your unique constitution
  • Your current imbalances
  • Your optimal diet
  • Your optimal exercise program
  • Herbal nutritional recommendations
  • Stress relief practices

…………and many other simple, enjoyable lifestyle practices that will help you bring more balance energy, and peace to your entire being. Follow up consultations are half to one hour, and may make use of client journals to progress or challenges. Adjustments in the program will be made accordingly, until the desiring results are achieved and the client has the skills and knowledge to prevent a recurrent health problem. At each consultation the client is educated on the principles of Ayurveda which apply to the specific concern and needs. Ayurvedic consultations are intended as personal guidance and education only, and not to treat or diagnose any condition, or to be representative as a practice of medicine.

About Ayurveda

Please CONTACT ME for a consultation to balance your Body, Mind And Spirit through Ayurvedic Lifestyle practices.

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